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Make your meditation practice stick

Free Guide: Learn 5 keys that make meditating easy to stick with, no matter how busy you are

So many people know the benefits of meditation

but have trouble making it a part of their daily life.

Discover the type of meditation that works best for you

and how to implement it easily into a routine,

so you can find peace quickly and focus more

clearly on what matters in any situation.

Evolving Mind Podcast


Evolving Mind is a soon to be officially launched online resource center dedicated to the transformation of humanity through different lenses and practices. 


It's been established in the hopes of reaching folks who might be called 'science-minded spiritual seekers'.

If that phrase resonates with you, it is my sincere intention that Evolving 

Mind will allow you to access insights and resources that fill you with joy, hope and energy to own your story as a part of the greater human journey as it unfolds now.

As an extension of my own journey, I have loved gathering a broad range of carefully selected resources, guests and stories to create community

awareness and conversation around the topics explored.

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As the host of Evolving Mind,

Andre Cardoso teaches yoga, meditation and the principles of spirit warriorship. He also hosts retreats at a secluded spot in the forests of Australia, where he welcomes guests from around the world to explore, rest, and transform. He enjoys making music, swinging kettlebells, and running around like a kid 🏃 ...

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