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Make your meditation practice stick

Free Guide: Learn 5 keys that make meditating easy to stick with, no matter how busy you are

So many people know the benefits of meditation

but have trouble making it a part of their daily life.

Learn some ways to fit it easily into a routine,

so you can find peace quickly and focus more

clearly on what matters in any situation.

Evolving Mind Podcast


Evolving Mind is a new podcast dedicated to the transformation of humanity through different lenses and practices. It's a passion-project of mine - a way of building bridges and connecting with other science-minded spiritual seekers. It's nice to have you here :)


I’m Andre. I’m a digital media creative, homesteader, and yoga teacher who's passionate about human potential.


When you get your free PDF from this page, you will also be signed up to receive Wednesday Wonder, my (mostly) weekly newsletter, where I share actionable insights on a variety of topics — from mindfulness to activism. I'll also keep you updated on my latest essays, videos, podcasts, guided meditation and other goodies.

Some of these things will also be available on my personal website,

Thanks for being a part of this growing community of mindful changemakers!

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